About me

About me


You will be overpowered by my natural beauty, piercing eyes and dark looks. I take a great deal of pleasure in what I do and I believe this shows in my sessions where I can be lenient or fierce and stormy with you.

My style of domination is playful, sensual at times and at other times very strict and demanding. Although I can be strict in session, most find me friendly, personal and sympathetic to their needs. Erotic and sensual domination, discipline, fetishes, sadistic and perverted games are my real passion.

I delight in dominating and controlling you, manipulating you for my amusement. I will possess your mind and body, twisting you and molding you to please me.

I will show you your wildest dreams and you will be grateful. I will respect your limits, but push them for my entertainment. Novice subs will taste the sweetness of submission. My solid professional experience enables me to read a beginner’s needs to guide them into more intense levels of play.

I will empower you to explore a more sensual and free way of living your life. Maybe you do not have the confidence to experience that side of you. I will boost your confidence and inspire you to embrace that naughty part of your personality that has been locked away for years.

Are you always in control in your job and personal life? It gets boring with time and it makes such a nice change when a woman takes over and gets what she wants. You fantasize about a beautiful assertive woman in charge making you please her but never had such experience? I am that special woman who will take control and drive you crazy from desire to fulfill my every wish. I am here to provide that unique break from everyday life, where you can indulge in a new experience, explore and talk about your inner most deepest desires. Give your body and soul to my magical hands and let the fun of your life begin!

More experienced slaves will learn what they have been missing. Those who push boundaries with a willingness to experiment stimulate Me more than extreme scenes. Show me your willingness to serve and I will show you the path to true submission. In return for your total obedience, humility, submission and devoted servitude, you will be overawed by my power, my intelligence, my beauty, my elegance and my sophistication. The time you spend with me is a favour I graciously bestow upon you at My discretion.

If you are looking for a genuine femdom, dominatrix, mistress in Spain who will rock your world. Contact me right now!

Please note – I DO NOT offer any sexual services, intimate body worship or hard sports, this is not open to negotiation.
I do all practices BDSM, but i prefer to know your experience, your limits and your favorite practices.


Light / strong. With hands, thighs, feet, armpits, bag, film paper or garments.
No marks.


Kicks in the testicles (level to choose), with sports shoes, heels, bare foot, heels with spikes, etc.


Level to choose. On the soles.

Candle wax

Dont leave marks and can be erotic or severe.

Chastity (CB)

Chastity belt during the session (you must bring yours).

Classical English Discipline

I will be your teacher and you go to be student-
This practice can be erotic or strict.
(No marks)

Crush fetish

Stepping fruit, yogurt…

Deprivation of the senses

Tries to cover the eyes, ears, mouth etc (you can choose).


Ligth, medium or strong.


I sit on your face until you cant breath.

Foot fetish

Footwear, etc.

Games with ice

Erotic or severe. Is about passing ice cubes for certain parts of the body, introducing them in the anus of the submissive, mouth and etc.

Human furniture

Chair / footrest / etc.


With handcuffs or rope.

Latex Fetish

Admire my latex dresses…


Classic whip on the lap of the Mistress with the palm of the hand.
(No marks.)

Physical / verbal humiliation

Light / erotic, medium or high level.

Physical / mental punishment

Light / erotic, medium or high level.

Practice with tape

Can be erotic or severe. No marks.

Slapping / Faceslapping

Severe or erotic, does not leave a mark.

Smoke fetish

See smoking to the Mistress, throw smoke, be my human ashtray …


Spitting somewhere in the submissive to choose for it, can be saliva, fruit, food, etc.

Strapon / figging

Ginger / dildos / fisting (anal dilation) / vibrators…


Provoked tickling of the submissive…

Torture nipple

Ligth / erotic, medium or strong.
With tweezers, pinches, with heels, bites, ice, candle wax, turn off the cigar, etc. This will depend on your experience and preferences because I can do all the above and make you live an erotic experience instead of painful.
(No marks)


Stepping on the body, with heels, without heels, sports shoes, boots… (No leave marks.)

Training as…

Sissy (maid) / slut (whore) / pig / dog / pony (horse) / cuckold (cuckold)…

It is impossible to name all practices, if you are looking one pacticular practices and it isnt in this list, please ask about it.

I’m old school, I love a charming man, common people have no place in my life. I adore mature, charming, well educated and of course submissive gentlemen.

My sessions are confidential.

Between the submissive and the Mistress there will always be a relationship based on confidentiality, this will tell your Mistress your most intimate secrets, which will never tell anyone or even your partner, as long as She satisfies your bdsm sexuality .


1 Hour 150€
1 Hour with skat 200€
2 hours 250€

8 Hours 700€
12 Hours 1100€
24 Hours 2000€
1 weekend 3300€


My passport ready for flight to you:

I like travelling, discover new places, cities and I’ll happily consider all invitations to visit your home town or country. So I can be able to truly relax and enjoy our experience, I need to make sure that I’m well taken care of, and that to take some days out of my personal life does not interfere with my financial situation. Being with me is stress free – you will be relaxed and have a wonderful time with me. Your privacy is assured and guaranteed.

Here are my conditions:
Read carfully as you will only get one chance.

30% Deposit is required by bank transfer and no discounts are available.
24 hours notice is all I need.
You will organise my accommodation.
You will buy my flight ticket and send it to me via e-mail.

2 days 2700€
3 days 3500€
4 days 4500€
7 days 7500€

Mandatory questionnaire for slaves of Mistress Ángela, in WORD format. This questionnaire must be completed and sent to Mistress Ángela when requesting a date for a session.

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